We focus on holistic brand communication


From marketing campaigns to exhibition design, we develop captivating narratives that strategically connect brands to new communities. We understand the personality of a brand in its entirety and are adept at preparing aesthetic content for all relevant communication channels.




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The process

With a strong focus on compelling stories, we create individual communication concepts that range from Social Media Campaigns to exhibition design. Our concepts help achieve your outreach goals and make the desired connections.

The benefits

We are commited to seeing our communications projects make an impact on brands, be this through boosting their online following, reaching new customers or helping a brand become known within the targeted focus group.

Marketing agency

  • Brand Story Canvas

  • Campaign Concept incl. Claim and Intro Copy

  • Keyvisual Creation


Everything of “Minimal” package and:

  • Integrated Social Media Post Campaign with 5 posts / stories

  • Integrated Digital Banner Campaign

  • Content Creation for Newsletter Send-out, Website and PR Usage


Everything of “Standard” package and:

  • Integrated Digital Banner Campaign for one medium such as SOM / Google Ads etc.

  • Integrated Event

  • Further Content Creation for Case Study / Press Kit



“Reimagine your shelf” – A campaign as modular and flexible as the furniture construction system itself.

Marc O'Polo - Low Impact
Marc O’Polo

A 3D visualisation to communicate the recycling process behind Marc O Polo’s sustainable clothes. — The fashion brand’s Low Impact campaign.

Mercedes Benz

Joining the city, nature and technology towards sustainability on the facade of Mercedes Benz Munich.


An event dedicated to exploring and exchanging developments in creative coding, branding, communication design, web design, and web development.

Freedom Grams

“What got them in prison can now get them out” – Challenging cannabis injustice one gram at a time.

Meltdown Flags

A campaign to visualise the global melting of glaciers to raise awareness of the exigency.

Let’s talk about your project.

Alisha Bartel
Communication Strategist


For a small marketing campaign with a lot of groundwork already done, we can launch after just a few weeks. However, depending on the complexity of the project, a communication campaign can take much longer. For example, if there are no assets yet that we can use, we would expect at least 2 – 3 months of implementation time. Good things take time.

The packages work as a first guideline for your brand, but are fully customizable to your individual needs.

We work in very close coordination with you and your team. In the hot phases we have daily meetings where we discuss the progress of the project and go through it with you. This way we can avoid surprises and adapt quickly.

We are well positioned in the field of branding and web-design. So if you have specific requirements or wishes here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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