Meltdown Flags

A campaign to visualise the global melting of glaciers to raise awareness of the exigency. Visit website ↗


Glaciers are a source of life. They hold 69% of all freshwater, providing millions of people with drinking water, a source of power and irrigation. If we don’t stop global warming by 2050, glaciers will be gone forever. And with them, our countries as we know them.


Meltdown Flags is a climate data initiative that visualizes the retreat of glaciers by reducing the amount of white in their home country flags.
Data visualization on of the flags make the long-term consequences of global warming easy to understand. The visual intervention on the countries’ flags symbolises how drastic the changes will be if we do not act.


A website provides more information and ways to act. Visitors can visualize the degree of glacier retreat by country, as well as access more data and information. By downloading the flags and custom typeface, they also take part in the initiative.

An interactive exhibition concept adds another dimension. Lenticular installations of the Meltdown Flags help visualize the glacier retreat depending on the position of the viewer. An Instagram AR filter activated by the flags allows visitors and app users alike to immerse themselves in the data.


Handsewn flags take the message to the streets. In December 2019, Meltdown Flags made their first appearance at the COP25 in Madrid. Since then, they have become a symbol of protest at climate demonstrations and events around the world.

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