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Boundaries in the field of design are shifting — borders are being challenged and constantly broadened by new tools and approaches that include code, animation and dimensionality.


Moby Digg has years of experience in digital design and exploring the borders of modern technology and visual design. It is Moby Digg’s intrinsic objective to not limit themselves in the practical application of these skills. This objective not only serves clients, but also the ongoing exchange of knowledge with other kindred spirits and lateral thinkers. TAAALKS puts this into practice.


Following the “Aabbc” exhibition in Munich, which brought together contemporary international graphic designers, the “TAAALKS – Challenging Boundaries” conference was born. A networking and exchange event that brings together creative coders and designers seeking new perspectives.


The conference has been held twice by now — first in Munich and online the following year. The format gives creative studios and individuals the opportunity to present innovative and unconventional projects that negotiate and navigate the borders between different fields of expertise.


Moby Digg developed a visual identity for the event that contains website and animations as well as posters, stickers, invitation cards, etc. The branding is characterized by the use of strong colors, contrasts, and moving shapes. The constant repositioning of the shapes and colors summons a huge variety of optical illusions and shifting perspectives that in turn are representative of new design processes at the intersection of design and coding. The format defines itself as an experimental space that is always looking for new means and methods to communicate at the intersection of design and technology by challenging conventions and established boundaries.


Creative Direction: Maximilian Heitsch
Art Direction: Gabriela Baka, Jennifer Oswald
Animation: Jennifer Oswald
Design: Jennifer Oswald, Gabriela Baka, Marco Kawan, Julia Schmitt
Sound: Artur Nagenrauft
Development: Artur Nagenrauft, Maximilian Heitsch, Korbinian Lenzer
Photography: Hans Findling

Key-Visual auf der Ingo Maurer Website
Ingo Maurer

Finding clarity through reflection: A New Year’s card as a teaser for the Salone del Mobile 2023 in Milan.


Dawn of a new era of creativity: New ideas, activities and solutions.

Ore Ore Ore Social Media Asset
Ore Ore Ore – 10k PFP Drop

We produced a series of Social Media Assets for the 10K NFT PFP Drop by OREMOB on Cardano

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