Mercedes Benz

Joining the city, nature and technology towards sustainability on the facade of Mercedes Benz Munich.


Mercedes Benz Munich houses in an impressive building in the city center. To adorn the facade of the establishment, Mercedes turned to the Moby Digg team to create an artwork spanning about 65 meters.


The Mercedes artwork had to resonate with the core values of the company. The Moby Digg team aimed to join the current principles of the car brand with their future aspirations in a complete 3D universe.


The total installation was divided into four visionary chapters in the story of Mercedes to move towards a more sustainable future. Each of the artworks visualises a unique 3D narrative, connecting life in the city, technology andsustainability. Always under the Motto “Sustainability is the new Luxury”. The wall should include interactive features allowing a holistic experience for the visitors.


The end-result is an almost 64 meters long 3D artwork connecting the themes of nature, technology and life in the city in harmony.

Elvirastraße 25 RGB
80636 Munich
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