We shape unique brand identities


Through our deep understanding of extraordinary characters and eye-to-eye collaboration, we shape custom-made brandings. Based on our Brand Story Canvas we create brand themes and visual systems. In combination with our keen eye for progressive aesthetics, the Brand Story Canvas is an essential tool to shape identities beyond zeitgeist.




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The process

Based on our uniquely developed creative process, we create Brand Themes, visual systems and elements that form a brand’s identity and allow communication and interaction with the desired target groups.

The benefits

We are part of the journey from start to finish, making sure all our design elements are correctly implemented for a cohesive branding. Our iterative approach allows your brand to stand out from competitors.

Branding agency

  • Brand Story Canvas (positioning document)

  • Logo Mark

  • Word Mark

  • Combination of logo mark and word mark

  • Clear space for logo mark and word mark

  • Primary Color Palette

  • Basic Logo Guidelines


Everything of “Minimal” package and:

  • Secondary color palette

  • Best practices (Do/don’ts)

  • Custom Keyvisual(s)

  • Brand Application Examples (social, web, collateral, etc.)

  • Extended Guidelines


Everything of “Standard” package and:

  • Collateral (letterhead/envelope, business cards)

  • Merchandize (t-shirt, cap, toddler bag)

  • Social Media Assets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

  • Animated Logo

  • 3D Environments 


The Center for Philosophical Technologies

A dynamic identity for the philosophy research center at Arizona State University.

Tamara Danz Höfe

A website capturing the dynamic and ever-evolving character of the city of Berlin.

Made in Fukushima

A book made out of rice straw grown on decontamination fields of Fukushima.


A digital representation of the unique craft of a jeweller – as stylish and timeless as the jewellery itself.


A recognizable corporate identity that adapts to each user’s individuality.

Meltdown Flags

A campaign to visualise the global melting of glaciers to raise awareness of the exigency.

Let’s talk about your project.

Alisha Bartel
Communication Strategist


For a small branding with a lot of groundwork already done, we can launch after just a few weeks. However, depending on the complexity of the project, a branding can take much longer. For example, if there are no assets yet that we can use to create the corporate identity, we would expect at least 2 – 3 months of implementation time. Good things take time.

The packages work as a first guideline for your brand, but are fully customizable to your individual needs.

We work in very close coordination with you and your team. In the hot phases we have daily meetings where we discuss the progress of the project and go through it with you. This way we can avoid surprises and adapt quickly.

We are well positioned in the field of web-design and marketing. So if you have specific requirements or wishes here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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