Slanted Fairy Tale

A fantastical 3D experience accompanying Slanted Magazine, the renowned print magazine covering international developments in arts, design and culture. Visit website ↗


The award-winning, print magazine Slanted, covers international developments in culture, design and typography. The magazine’s issue #37 released May 2021, concerned the impact of Artificial Intelligence on design and how these technologies affect our lives. Featuring a selection of (digital) artists in one comprehensive publication.



For this special issue on AI, Slanted reached out to Moby Digg to create a digital counterpart to its printed magazine. The Moby Digg team was free to explore what kind of technology or format would fit the brief best.


To give the artists featured in the magazine an original digital stage, the Moby Digg team created a digital fairy tale in which the artworks could be experienced and interacted with. It was important to make this online world come alive through the creation of original flora and fauna inhabiting the digital landscape. Accompanying the artworks the Moby Digg design team created clay figures which were translated into 3D models and placed inside the landscape.


Next to the printed Slanted Magazine 37 on AI, the Moby Digg design team designed an online addition which featured the artworks present in the magazine inside a fantastical digital landscape. In this way, the artworks could be experienced and explored in an interactive manner in 3D. Next, the team imagined how the work would look in an exhibition, when the digital landscape becomes part of a physical space.


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