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As a studio with Web3 and NFT expertise, we produce and market NFT drops. This includes developing captivating narratives, progressive aesthetics and reaching new audiences.




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Sales of virtual products and series as NFTs

We design and produce branded 3D products such as digital fashion, jewelry or storytelling artifacts. These can be one-off pieces or generative series.


Generation of new target groups with NFTs

We develop individual roadmaps to open up new target groups for your brand. The focus is on the right approach in terms of tonality, storytelling and aesthetics.


Engagement of customers through NFTs

We enhance your physical products and POS with NFTs. This way you can communicate more directly with your customers and strengthen your relationship.

Enrichment of marketing campaigns with NFTs

We create bridges between your marketing activities and Web3. NFTs serve as a link from any campaign to 3D products and worlds. Created 3D elements can also appear as motifs in your campaigns.


Development of NFT landing pages attractive with 3D elements

We implement interactive 3D elements on your existing website or create a completely new NFT minting page for you.


Successfully marketing NFT Drops

We take care of activating and growing your community on Twitter and Discord. The authentic approach of 3.0 influencers helps your brand to be heard.

Creation of unique 3D worlds for your NFT products

We create individual, three-dimensional worlds that express your brand and community. Buildings and landscapes are created that can be viewed and experienced. All in the shape of a website.


Community Events in VR

We create virtual rooms for your community to connect and exchange. 3D hubs where people can come together to be inspired and share. Whether freely or in the context of a virtual event. NFTs remain the entry ticket and as a communication tool.


Attendance of virtual conferences with NFT tickets

Inspirational speakers, product launches, concerts or debates – we can place and stream any content in your virtual world. For this purpose, NFTs serve as admission tickets to your event.

Development of Rarity Traits for your NFTs

We develop a suitable concept for the rarities and trait groups of your NFTs. The focus is on exciting and brand-compliant storytelling.


Creation of Smart Contracts and Mint Process

We work together with you to develop a set of requirements for your smart contracts, to create an individual Mint concept for you and finally advise you on appropriate blockchains.


Generation of brand identification through avatars

We create avatars for any virtual world, as imaginative as the worlds themselves. The avatars themselves can be distributed via custom NFT drops.

Selected Awards

NFT Agency

In this workshop we will show the current possibilities and opportunities for your brand. We will specifically address your market and your brand:

  • Positioning questionnaire
  • Workshop day with exploration and first suggestions for alignment
  • Follow-up and development of an action plan



  • Concept, design and production of individual NFTs
  • Rarity Traits development
  • NFT drop strategy development
  • Drop preparations / handling, upload, metadata production



  • Integration of NFT minting into existing website
  • Wallet integration (e.g. with WalletConnect)


Social Media

  • Whitelist / Allowlist concept


Everything of “Minimal” package and:


  • Packaging concept for NFTs
  • Animation and/or sound design of NFTs
  • Concept, design and production of a NFT-Reveal-Mechanism



  • Concept, design and programming of an individual NFT landing page


Social Media

  • Social Media content-plan


Everything of “Standard” package and:


  • Concept, design and production of a generative NFT series
  • Own Smart Contracts
  • Web3 roadmap development



  • Interactive, 3D website elements


Social Media

  • Community management for Twitter, Discord and Instagram
  • Control of social media collaborations
  • Targeting and marketing through influencers


FAQ about NFT

For a small NFT drop with a lot of groundwork, we can launch after just a few weeks. However, depending on the complexity of the drop, a project can take much longer. For example, if there are no assets yet that we can use to create the NFTs, we would expect at least 2 – 3 months of implementation time. Good things take time.

This can be an option. However, it must always work in conjunction with a cash deal. Then we accept a reduced payment + a share of the NFT Drop revenue. However, we have to check all aspects of the project carefully beforehand.

We work in very close coordination with you and your team. In the hot phases we have daily meetings where we discuss the progress of the project and go through it with you. This way we can avoid surprises and adapt quickly.

Essentially, we work in three, successive phases. We use the Scrum method for this:



  • The concept and appropriate direction of the project is developed.
  • In this phase we talk about the strategy and framework of the project.


  • Design benchmarks are created.
  • A design language is found.


  • The design concept is applied across the board.
  • Marketing assets are created and the NFT website is programmed.

We are well positioned in the field of digital marketing. So if you have specific requirements or wishes here, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Let’s talk about your project.

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